Maggie and Ryan are getting got married!

September 17th, 2005
Dobbs Ferry, NY



Denise Cregier, our photographer finished editing our photos. You can see them on - search for "Maggie and Ryan Nelson" and the key is "chewbacca". You can order prints if you'd like or simply look at our photos. There are some great shots of the guests! Bonus: our engagement photos from earlier this year (May or so?).


Featured on Daily Eats! "Big Fat Geek Wedding"!


There's now a Flickr Group for all the pictures everyone took! If you know what Flickr is (see for info) , please upload your pictures for everyone to see! The Flickr group can be reached by clicking here.

IF YOU HAVE WEDDING PICTURES please mail them to to ... we'll get them online soon after the honeymoon!

WOOO!!! we did it! we'll post the video of the webcast (with all the sweating and waiting at the beginning edited out) soon!

A few have asked about the band... they are Danny Weiss and Mary Olive Smith and "Reckon So" And yes, they are awesome.


We got our marriage license! After waiting for 24 hours and no later than 60 days from today, we can get married in New York.

The change.


For our family and friends who cannot make it to the wedding in person, we ve good news. We will broadcast the wedding live on this site, so even family from far away can see us tie the knot! More details to come, so please stay tuned.


The bridal shower was super great! I was showered with so many gifts and money it's almost a little ridiculous! Thank you everyone for coming!


Ryan's been all measured up for a tux. Rehearsal dinner invitations have been sent. If you're required to wear a tux for the wedding (that is, you're a groomsman or best man or father of the bride or father of the groom), we've included information for you for our Men's Wearhouse tux reservations. We hope you don't mind wearing white tuxedoes (kidding, kidding!).


We met with the pastor for counseling. Among other things, he asked us to take a compatibility survey. Survey says we're harmonious!

We also met with the organist, who is super great. Most of the music's been chosen - now it's just the little details.


We've decided on the details for the rehearsal dinner. It will start at 5:30pm at the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church in Dobbs Ferry (address on the invitations). We will rehearse the ceremony and afterward dinner will be provided at Doubleday, a restaurant nearby in Dobbs Ferry.


The Westchester Marriott just called and they fixed the problem with people not being able to get rooms for our room block. It is now all in order and you should be able to book a room without problems.


Important! Apparently we are destined to be plagued by hotel troubles for our wedding. The Westchester Marriot is taking a little bit to put in all the information about the room block, so if you have tried to book a room by giving them our names, you might not have been able to. This should be resolved by the end of day today or tomorrow, so please try again in a few days. Sorry about the trouble!

On the upside, invitations for guests residing in Poland have been mailed this morning! It took a while to get the Polish stamps for Polish RSVPs, but we got'em! Great thanks to Ciocia Irena for helping out with the task of obtaining the stamps!


Invitations for guests residing in the United States have been mailed this morning! Invitations for guests in Poland will be mailed in a couple of days.


All invitations are now addressed. We're having the information cards printed today and will stuff the envelopes with them tonight, hopefully for sending out the invitations tomorrow morning. Expect yours soon! (And if you haven't sent us your mailing address yet, you probably should.)

The party favors have arrived as well! Now we gotta assemble them (thankfully, minimum assembly is required.)


Hotel arrangements have been confirmed! The hotel is the Westchester Marriott and you can make reservations by calling (800) 882-1042. You must mention the name of the bride and groom to get the $129/night rate. More info on the right.


Make-up artist has been booked. Hooray!


We picked up the wedding invitations from the printer today. Giant thanks to Mike Essl for designing them. They look great! We're addressing them this week and will be printing out the info cards shortly, so hopefully we'll be able to send the invitations out toward mid-week next week. Also, addressing hundreds of envelopes = great excuse to invest in a great fountain pen!


We got a band! Come ready to dance some polkas!


Party favors have been ordered!


We found backup accomodations for our guests! Paperwork for the block of rooms is still coming through, but I expect to have all the information within a couple of days. Sorry about the craziness!


IMPORTANT! Due to some heavy flooding, the hotel we have chosen for our guests is no longer available during our wedding. We're in the process of reserving a chunk of rooms at another hotel nearby, so please check this page in a few days for info on the new hotel. Also: aieee!


We got our wedding bands - simple, platinum, non-returnable, non-exchangable. It's all starting to feel so close now.


After much planning and some plans falling through, we finally have a person to marry us and a pretty church in which to get married! Pastor Christopher Mietlowski of the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church will marry us in said church. The church is adorable and features an awesome pipe organ at the front of the sanctuary - now the question is, do we want any Star Wars music to be played? Maybe a recessional? Hmm....


Honeymoon plans are finalized. Aruba, here we come!


Nothing to make you feel more glamorous than wearing a wedding hair up-do to work. Today, I am sporting my trial hair arrangment and it feels great! Chuck from the Lappin-Paoli hair salon in TriBeCa will be the official hair person for the wedding. (Plus, he has make-up artist recommendations!)


Yesterday we met up with Denise Cregier our wedding photographer to take some engagement photographs. It was pretty exciting as we walked around NYC feeling like movie stars having someone take pictures of us. Exciting! We should be getting the photos soon and they will be posted here for all to see.


The transportation for the wedding is taken care of! Since our ceremony and reception are in one place, we are renting a limousine only for driving us back to the hotel.


We found a florist! Big thanks to Evonne for doing the leg work and figuring out a florist with good recommendations. We went, we decided upon flowers and colors (roses, not a hint of pink) and got a very reasonable price. The terrace will be decorated nicely and we hope that the centerpieces will be pleasing to a guest's eye.


The bridesmaids dresses were delivered faster than expected! All of them have been picked up, but alterations (if any) will have to wait until a date closer to the wedding. Now, bridesmaids' shoes - the requirement: dressy black shoes that are comfortable.


The wedding gown has been ordered! The people at the store (Adrienne's on Orchard St.) were super nice and not snooty at all. The gown should arrive toward the end of July, hopefully with plenty of time for fittings and alterations.


Our wedding registries are done! The stores we picked are: Crate & Barrel (for their wonderful imported Polish glass), Bed Bath & Beyond (great selection in heavy cookware and home of the 20% off coupon), and (gadgets galore!).


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since our wedding is on Sept. 17th, our half-anniversary will fall on St. Patrick's Day. Plenty of celebrations to come!


As of today, all of the bridesmaids' dresses have been ordered. They are to arrive toward the end of April. And who says that organizing dresses for seven bridesmaids is difficult? Pshaw!


We have picked our wedding cake! Chocolate with chocolate filling, mhm...


We have started on our wedding registry. We went on Sunday to the mall and ran around with a scanner. It was tons of fun - we highly recommend it! We chose most things we'd like, but we have yet to find a store where we can get very fine china and silver.


The bridesmaids dresses have been chosen! The maid of honor will have a different dress from the rest of the bridesmaids. The colors are "apple" for the maid of honor's dress and "wine" for the rest of the dresses. I guess the people in charge of naming dresses at David's Bridal were hungry.


The wedding site and the reception site are booked. The bride's and groom's attendants are already decided (7 each!). We have met with a photographer and really liked her and her work, so we hired her already. We even started thinking about gift registries!

The gathering of addresses is going kind of slow and by the time we have all of them, it'll be time to send out invitations, so we decided to skip sending out save-the-date cards. But we will still have cute little magnets with our names to give out - probably as part of the party favors.

The big things to do in the next month or two are 1. book a DJ or band, 2. confirm with the person who will marry us, 3. find a good (and not too expensive) florist, and most importantly 4. get the wedding dress!


Our engagement party was very casual and was held at The Irish Rogue in NYC on Friday evening, January 21st. If you have any photos from the event, please e-mail them to us (we assume you have our e-mail address, if not, it's maggie or ryan at this domain).



If you have wedding photos, please e-mail them to - we would very much like to see and keep all the photos our friends took during the event!

General Information

The ceremony will take place at 5pm at the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church.

Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church
43 Ashford Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Cocktails and reception will follow immediately after the ceremony at Rudy's Beau Rivage.

Rudy's Beau Rivage
19 Livingston Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Gift Registries

Guest Accomodations

For all of our out of town guests, Dobbs Ferry is in the New York City metro area, easily accessible via Metro-North Railroad from Grand Central Terminal in NYC. The church and the reception site are within walking distance from the train station (although if you wear high heels, you might wish to take a cab from the train station). This means that you can stay in NYC proper and do all sorts of interesting "touristy" things before and after our wedding. Here is a handy guide for what to do while visiting NYC.

Many airports serve the NYC area (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and Westchester Airport). We highly recommend the Westchester Airport in White Plains, NY as it is low-traffic, so the wait is shorter and it is relatively close to the hotel. A taxi from this airport to the hotel should cost around $30. From the other airports, it will be over $50 (Newark and JFK being the most expensive).

IMPORTANT! Originally, we had reserved a block of rooms at a DoubleThree Hotel near our house. Unfortunately, the hotel was damaged by flood and will remain closed until January. If you have a reservation at this hotel, they should be calling you to help you find a place at another hotel nearby (however, we don't know of anyone who'd booked a room there yet.) Just in case, the hotel's name is DoubleTree Hotel Tarrytown and they can be reached at (914) 524-6401. We have found another hotel for our guests though, see info below.

We have reserved a block of rooms for our guests at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, NY. The rate is $129 per night. The nights of September 16th and September 17th are available at this rate. To make reservations, call (800) 882-1042. You will need to mention the name of the bride and groom - simply tell the hotel you want to reserve a room for the Krzywicka/Nelson wedding and they should be able to accomodate you.

Westchester Marriott
670 White Plains Road
Tarrytown, NY 10591
Hotel phone number: (914) 631-2200
Reservations direct line: (800) 882-1042

You may also check,, or (or other similar websites) for hotels in New York City if you don't want to stay in a suburbs hotel near the reception place. If you choose to stay in a NYC hotel, we recommend against renting a car as having it parked in the city is really costly.

There's also a Marriott Courtyard hotel about half a mile down the road from the "official" hotel. This is a more "motel-like" Marriott property, and is cheaper, we think.

If you're coming in from out of town for the wedding, please email one of us with your travel info when you know it, and maybe we can make some connections and share cabs, etc. Watch this space for more info.

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