Maggie and Ryan's Highbrow/Lowbrow Housewarming Party

You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating our move to the glorious San Francisco neighborhood of Inner Richmond!

It's a highbrow/lowbrow party, so bring your PBR along with the fanciest monocle you own! Moustaches, wearing a tuxedo with flip-flops, as well as drinking fancy wine chilled with ice cubes are all encouraged!

Some food will be provided:

If you feel like bringing food, sides are the best idea (either highbrow or lowbrow, whichever your preference!) Various alcoholic beverages will be served and are also welcome.

Friends of friends are welcome (and please feel free to forward this to anyone we might've missed!).


Call Maggie at 646-287-0644 if you get terribly lost and need someone to talk you thru this moment of anxiety!

(P.S. Our household contains cats, so be prepared in case you're deathly allergic!)

You can email, or with questions. Hope to see you there!